An overview of the most frequently asked questions

Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions, if your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

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Is it possible to go canoeing due to corona? And what are the rules?

Due to the corona virus, we can accept less reservations and more spread over the day. So to guarantee the one and a half meter social distance for our guests as optimally as possible, we dose our reservations to minimize the numbers of people at our place. In addition, we facilitate hand alcohol to for all guests.

The toilets are closed.

You cannot sail without a reservation!

What are our opening hours?

We are open from March to October on:
If you want to canoe outside of our season, please contact us. We are regularly present.

Monday Buitenseizoen Closed
Tuesday Buitenseizoen Closed
Wednesday Buitenseizoen Closed
Thursday Buitenseizoen Closed
Friday Buitenseizoen Closed
Saturday Buitenseizoen Closed
Sunday Buitenseizoen Closed

Last departure is one and a half hour before closingtime

Due to bad weather situations, we may close earlier or open later. If you have a reservation, we are always there.
If in doubt, please contact us.

What are the prices?

The costs are € 7.00 per person per hour. Payment is after the tour and is rounded down to quarters. Every 15 minutes extra is € 1.50. The maximum daily rate is € 15.00. So from 2 hours and 20 minutes there will be no additional costs. Different rates may apply to groups and packages.

Where dis the starting adress?

We are located in the center of Utrecht. Our address is Oudegracht 275. This is the starting point and the return address.

Do I have to make a reservation and where can I make a reservation?

As long as the corona virus is among us reservations are mandatory. In addition, it is of course advisable to book in time to be sure that boats are available for you on your preferred time. When in doubt, please contact us by phone. You can make a reservation on our Reservation page

Do I get a route map along with the boat?

Yes, we provide every boat with a route map for the tour. Open sailing map here!

we will explain the routes befor you enter the water.

Are the route options explained?

Yes, everyone who goes canoeing will receive a route explaination from us. If you know the ways on the water in Utrecht yourself, you can of course more than welcome to explore by yourself. View the sailing map here.

Are the route lengths, which stand for the routes, easy to achieve, or do I have to paddle briskly?

The times we show are indicative. This may differ depending on how trained, fanatic or inexperienced you are.

Are the waterproof bags free of charge?

We offer the waterproof bags free of charge, one for each canoe!

Are the Nieuwegracht and the Catharijne Singel open?

The Kromme Nieuwegracht is open for muscle powered vessels only. so canoes are welcom to travel thrue from south to north (one way canal)

The Catharijne Singel was officially opened on September 13, 2020. From now on, the entire city center will be surrounded again.

To where leads the day trip? And how long does it take?

The day trip goes via the Krommerijn towards the nature reserve Amelisweerd and Rhijnauwen.

As a rule of thumb, we count as a day trip to go to the Tea House Rhijnauwen. As a guideline we give approximately one and a half to two hours to get there. The way back will be around 25% fastrer due to the current in the back.

Can I step out (in the city) on the way?

You can get off independently at the indicated places. This is prohibited in the city center. Make sure that you do not get off in people’s gardens or in the city center. For advice where this can and cannot be done, ask our colleagues.

Can I bring food and drinks in the canoe?

You may bring your own food and drinks on board to have a picnic on the way, whether or not afloat.

Do I have to be back on my reserved end time?

We calculate the costs afterwards, so if you take longer or shorter  than planned, it is not a problem. Our employees may give different guidelines for this. then we will indicate this upon departure. The reserved times are guaranteed.

You must be back before our closing time (usually 8:00 pm. Unless different agreements have been made about this individually.

Our current opening hours are:

Monday Buitenseizoen Closed
Tuesday Buitenseizoen Closed
Wednesday Buitenseizoen Closed
Thursday Buitenseizoen Closed
Friday Buitenseizoen Closed
Saturday Buitenseizoen Closed
Sunday Buitenseizoen Closed

Where can I park

The parking garage closest to us is the Springweg parking garage, address is Strosteeg 83 in Utrecht.

For other parking and P&R options, check the website of the Gemeente Utrecht or look at the parkingmap.


With how many people can I request an arrangement?

All our guided tours can be booked from 10 people. When you go with fewer people, you can book a tour for the cost of 10 people.

For more information, check out our Arrangements page.

Can I bring a dog on board?

You are allowed to bring your dog on board.

What are the options for schools, classes and associations?

For schools, classes and associations and groups, we offer the possibility, if our schedule permits, to sail the round on the Oudegracht and stadsbuitensingel for a fixed amount of € 6.00 per person.
For longer trips, please contact us for tailor-made arrangements.

Can you also start / end at other places?

Agreements can be made for groups in consultation. This customization is examined per request whether it fits in our planning and what the costs are.

Can I go to the river Vecht?

We do not offer tours on the river Vecht. You can go through the Weerdsluis independently, but this is at your own expense and risk.

How does getting in and out of the water work?

We help you get in and out. With the single and double canoes you get in the kayak on the shore. After this we let you slide gently into the water. We let you board from the side of our three-person Canadian canoes. When you get out, we hook you up with so-called “boat hooks” and help to keep the boat stable to make it easier to step out.

Do you get wet while canoeing and do people sometimes fall over?

With paddling you can get wet from splashing on yourself. Although it depends on your own paddling technique if – and if so how wet you get. Usually it remains with a few splashes.

Although we have chosen our canoes for the highest quality and stability, it is not impossible to fall.

Is identification required?

Yes, identification is required. You can go canoeing if you are 16 and older. If under 16 a person of 18 and older is required.


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