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Canoe rental Utrecht has been a household name in Utrecht for many years, a way for young and old to see the most beautiful city in the Netherlands from a different perspective. Enjoy the various characteristic and authentic routes that you can take by canoe or whisper boat. Whether you are young or old, alone or with a group, Canoe rental Utrecht invites everyone to experience the experience!

Curious about the possibilities, book directly online via the handy reservation module, any questions? Take a quick look at our frequently asked questions page and find the answer to your question here! Still not helped, fill in the online questionnaire on the contact page or simply contact us by phone if you want to reserve a canoe for today!

Curious about the different sailing routes, click here to open the sailing map!

Kanoverhuur Utrecht

Canoe rental & Sloop rental

Discover Utrecht from a different perspective!


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If it is no longer possible to make a reservation, please contact us by telephone, then we will see if your preferred moment still fits in our schedule!

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Our offer

Our canoes are chosen for the highest quality and stability, with a choice between single and double kayaks or a three-person Canadian canoe.
To be sure that you can sail, we ask you to book in advance. This way you know that canoes are ready for you and we can manage the number of people so that you are helped quickly and efficiently.

For our whisper boats you will unfortunately have to wait for next season. This season we are renovating the storage for our boats.

View our full range or simply request a reservation directly via the online reservation module!

We are open daily until October.

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